Dangers of Joining Beauty Pageants

Beauty pageant coaches have to protect their candidates from pageant problems and dangers that candidates may not know upon joining. Some of the young girls specially those who are neophytes who are not familiar on how how to avoid or what to do when encountering some beauty pageant problems.

1. If you are a beauty pageant candidate, you become exposed to the public and become a public figure. You are in a hot-seat when you become part of the entertainment industry. You lose your privacy and you become a topic – a buzz of conversation to people and sometimes people who intend to abuse their power. Problems like these are not really in nature cause by pageant itself. But it is because of some people around it that causes the it.

2. Sometimes, I asked my pageant candidates to give my contact number instead of theirs when somebody from the pageant industry is asking it. The trick is, they can easily explain the next day that all negotiations and offers or any communications they have to do must have to pass through their trainers. Plus, the phone they are currently using are provided by the same as stated in their service agreement and contract. In this way, they are able to lessen some miscellaneous or unsolicited text messages because these bad elements are somewhat and oftentimes intimated with the process of formality. They too, fear being exposed to the public as perverts by persons who may have the power to do so.

This is one of the advantages of having a pageant coach who is somewhat known to the public and have established his name. Though influential people may have the power to do things they may like to, at least in some way these people may also consider who is the person behind those beauty pageant candidates they intend to abuse their powers.

3. One of the very common pageant problems a beauty pageant candidate will encounter will be indecent proposals. It comes in different forms: by light intimate conversation, by intimidation, by offers in exchange of favors, and the most dangerous of them all – by force.

Another way of effectively avoiding beauty pageant problems like indecent proposals is to never accept invitations especially if it is a house party, a coffee or a tea party. You should realize that oftentimes, these are baits intentionally done just for you or for the other pageant candidates. This is what I call “Delayed Indecent Proposals”The person tries to get your trust first and make you comfortable in his own ways until he gets to the execution of his plans.

But being one of the pageant candidates, sometimes you have to accept invitations. Your pageant coach has enough knowledge about which one is not a bait. Your task however is to choose who among the pageant coaches is the one you can trust. Plus, your courage not to allow and entertain pageant dilemmas will surely help you stay away or out of the many common pageant problems. You can consider now reading the pros and cons of beauty pageants.