Pageant Speech of Joanna Marie Lee | Campus Queen 2013

In August of 2013, on this exact same stage, I was blessed to be crowned as the very first campus queen. At that moment, winning was not really my priority, I was more after the experience since it was the very first and biggest pageant I have joined that time. I was just myself, tried to ignore the pressure and just really enjoyed the stage. But after the announcement, I knew my simple life was going to be different. Being crowned as The First Campus Queen opened doors to so many opportunities. I can say that winning gave me that confidence I needed to join more prestigious pageants and even events that would require confidence and bravery on the stage.

To my dad, thank you for always making me feel loved, always assuring me that you’re just there to protect and care for me. I know that I will always be your princess. I love you dad.

To my brothers, thank you for always being my body guards, always concern of my safety.

To my handler and trainer, mamu, Marlon Muyron, all the lessons you taught me are truly worth remembering. Thank you for bringing me into this industry, without you, I will never know what it’s like to be a beauty queen.

To the event’s organizer, Sir Dave Aquino and company; to Robinson’s Place Calasiao and their staff, thank you very much for trusting me. Thank you for believing in what I can do. Thank you for organizing events for us aspiring beauty queens; because of these events, you’re giving us big opportunities to reach our dreams.

And most importantly, I’d like to thank our God for all of these. All I have achieved in my life is because of Him. For without Him, I am nothing. But with Him, I can be everything.

I, Joanna Marie Lee, will always be grateful being your very first Campus Queen Pangasinan 2013.

To God Be All the Glory.

joanna marie tolosa lee | miss campus queen robinson's place pangasinan 2013

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