Beauty Pageant Questions

Beauty Pageant Questions on Different Situations

If you receive an indecent proposal during the pageant, what would you do?

If I receive an indecent proposal, I would tell it to him that it is a great thing to know but I am personally particular with my goals and priorities that I am bound not to divert my attention on intimate relationships and entering commitments. I would tell that it is my prerogative and decision regarding the matter, and then I will just have a graceful exit like “excuse me” and immediately leave. 

If given a chance to be one of the judges in the Miss Universe beauty pageant, what question would you ask to the candidates? Why?

If I were a judge in the “the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant”, I would ask the candidates, “What would be your ultimate platform if you are crowned as Miss Universe?”  Through that question, I could choose who has the most responsible, and humanitarian heart for the crown to elegantly fit into. 

If you are to chose between smart or sexy, what would you chose?

If I would to choose between being smart or sexy, I would rather be sexy. Being sexy is more than what our body says. “Sexy” for me, means (Proceed by defining what is true beauty) by working, serving, and helping fellows. With those traits and definition of a “sexy” person, I believe that being sexy is much more desirable than just being smart. 

If you would be isolated in an island, and given the chance to bring 3 things, what would it be?

If I would be isolated in an island and given the chance to bring three things, I would bring a continuous lighter, bible and eyeglasses. The lighter will be used in making fire for survival. The bible will be for my spiritual light. Moreover, the eyeglasses will save me when my eyesight starts to fail. 

If you were in an island, whom among the following will you choose as your companion – a priest, a doctor, or an engineer?

I think their profession has nothing with my decision. I am very much concern of who they are rather than what they are. As long as the person will be a good companion through thick and thin since we are in an island, he would be the best companion I can have to survive the challenge.

If someday you get married, how do you see yourself; a full-time homemaker or a career woman?

If I get married someday, I would see myself as a career woman who finds time to find my place in the society and become much more productive to contribute for the betterment of my society as well as to my chosen field while meeting the demands, needs, and time for my family. 

If choose among the 3, Miss International, business woman, or a law-maker?

I would grab the opportunity to be Miss International. To be Miss International is a one-time deal; an opportunity that will just knock once in my door to be able to portray a beauty queen who wears the crown in her heart and not only in her head. After my reign, I could easily become a business woman or take up a law course and join the political arena. 

If you have the power to bring back to life anyone from the past, who will it be?

If I have the power to bring back to life anyone in the past, I would like to be Jesus Christ. I would like to see and would like to know how it feels like living with Him as a God and as a Man here on earth. Would there still be poverty? Sickness? or greater Faith? That would be all. Thank you.

If you will rank the following, namely wealth, health, and family, according to their importance, how will you rank them and why?

If I will rank health, wealth, and family I would rank my family as the most important one. Because I could sacrifice wealth and health in any circumstance, but not my family. Second in importance for me is wealth, because I am ready to lose my health, and my personal happiness, just to see my family in good condition. That would be all, thank you. 

If you are given the chance to talk to the human race, what would you say to them?           

If I will be given the chance to talk to the whole human race, this will be the greatest avenue and opportunity for me to promote an awareness campaign in extending a hand in uplifting poor societal conditions that would be helpful to those who are much in need of help. Likewise, talk on things that will benefit one’s life, family, society, nation and the human race especially when it comes to promoting entrepreneurship and business to provide jobs to thousands of Filipinos who do not have jobs yet. 

If you are given the chance to talk to Mr. President, what would you say?

If I will be given the chance to talk to the president, I would ask him what his plans to the youth are- being the lucky one to talk to him as the representative of the youth. And more importantly, I would ask him what are his plans and projects for the Province of (province) especially here in our hometown (hometown) as the (title description of the town i.e. Bangus Capital, etc.) of the province. 

Which do you prefer, a male president or a female president?

It does not matter to me if it would whether be a male or female president. As long as he is honest, true and sincere to his endeavors to eradicate poverty, as long as he is responsible in meeting the needs of our country and become an inspiration and a model employee for the whole country. 

On the night of your honeymoon, your husband confessed to you that he is a gay. What will you do?

I have loved him before we were married, and now that we are in the night of our honeymoon and married, blessed and sanctified by the church, I will love him even more – for what he was, for what he is, and for what he would be. I believe that marriage is a tie that no one could break- even in the law of man. It is a vow in front of the altar that guides the couple to respect and love each other, strengthening the relationship and ensure the responsibility of keeping the commitment one has promised in the eyes of God. 

If you were the last person on earth how can u make your life worth living?

If I were the last person on earth, then, that would be the best time to spend my life with all my heart, soul and mind to serve and be with my creator’s tender love and attention

If given the chance to make an instant change to our planet, what would it be, why? 

If you are a hermaphrodite, what would you do? 

If you would be a gem, what would it be?

Why is science important?

Answers to these questions can be found in Pageant Questions about Environment (Check more categories below).

Politically Inclined Beauty Pageant Questions

Beauty Pageant Questions on National Economy

What can you say about the economy of our nation?

We are in an improved position compared to others because we have made the necessary adjustments when times are still good. Plus, considering the context of our nation and weighing the necessary economic reformation, we could make it, given more time because we produce thousands of eager young minds who graduate every year especially nurses. They are all potential and future nation and economic builders. 

What bothers you most about what is happening in the country today?

Our government leaders are so busy forging foreign relations, law-makings, politics and graft and corruption cases, while millions of people are struggling in order to provide food for their family during meal time. I believe that the government should be bothered and worried about those poor families and the less-fortunate in our country all the times. Eradicating poverty should be taken into consideration above all as number one priority of our government leaders. 

How does our OFW’s contribute to our economy?

Our Overseas Filipino Workers contribute to our national treasury through their dollar remittances and, thus, increase our capacity to transact business outside our country using our dollar stock. Aside from that, our 10 million OFW’s are also an assurance that 10 million families live decently, and far from poor societal condition. Furthermore, OFW’s who will settle for good in our country will surely make investments, consider putting up businesses here in the country, and be able to help and provide jobs to hundreds and thousands of jobless Filipinos. 

Leadership Beauty Pageant Questions

What is the most important value of a leader?

The most important value of a leader is flexibility. A leader needs to be flexible enough to cope up with our fast-changing world. He needs to be open in new perspectives in the market of ideas so that there is a chance for his leadership to be fruitful and be able to expand his campaign and projects for the society. 

What are the 3 leadership qualities a leader must have?

A leader must, first of all, have a compassionate heart because it is the very foundation of good leadership and service to the needy public. Second, he must have patience since his plans will not grow in just one night. Lastly, he must be a visionary so he can discover the numerous possibilities to be of service to his fellow men especially to the less fortunate. 

If you are given the chance to be a leader, what do you think is the best project?

Given a chance to prove my leadership, I would launch projects and fairs which would promote entrepreneurship and business. It is because through these projects that we can lessen the unemployment rate of our fellow Filipinos and give a helping hand in the deteriorating economy as well. 

If you are a leader, how will you make a difference?

How will you make a difference in this world?

I can make a difference by promoting, helping, and asking the international organizations and government to have more livelihood training programs that would enhance entrepreneurship skills of the people, plus the development of hospitals that cater the needs of sick persons. With that, employment will be provided and a healthy world will be built-up. Through these two projects, we could lessen poverty and prevent and cure ill health. 

Beauty Pageant Questions on Education

What is the biggest problem of our educational system?

The biggest problem that our educational system is facing today is the absence of our power to control the freedom of any student regardless of his age to have access in the cyber world. There are lots of overly expressive materials that are not educational and constructive by nature but destructive and offensive in the Internet. No one is out there to watch and oversee our youth on how they will use the Internet. 

What is the importance of internet and technology?

Internet and technology helps businesses to run efficiently with exact science process. Internet and technology helps organize store and recover important data in a fast way. These data can be used to further enhance the welfare of industry and the society. Thus, the possibility of expansion due to Internet and technology is not quite far and will, thus, provide jobs to millions of unemployed Filipinos. 

Beauty Pageant Questions about Entrepreneurship

How can business/entrepreneurship affect the society?

Entrepreneurship is the solution to brain drain – the migration of intellectual Filipino people to other countries in search for jobs. Entrepreneurship provides employment to the unemployed; it contributes to the economy and the progress of the country. Entrepreneurship also allows other people to enjoy the luxury of the products and services that entrepreneur’s offer. Entrepreneurs set initiatives to help the environment, the society and the world in general by setting-up foundations and support movements aimed at lending a hand to ensure the development and healthy welfare of nature and humanity. 

What is a socially responsible entrepreneur?

A socially responsible entrepreneur is the one who considers the expansion of his business endeavor at the same time considers and puts into his mind as a job provider for the welfare of the society. He always takes into consideration the expansion of his business to be able to provide jobs to the unemployed.

Most Controversial Common Beauty Pageant Questions

Are you in favor of the Reproductive Health Bill?

a) The Reproductive Health Bill has become an issue to both the government and the Church. However, since contraceptives are being sold now in the market, at least it should be sold properly because even high school students could buy as long as they would want to.

Contraceptives should only be sold to married couples by providing marriage ID’s and any violation by the seller or the buyer would be sanctioned and punished by the law so that the youths would think twice before engaging in pre-marital sex and eventually suffer unwanted pregnancy. If this would be considered on the Reproductive Health Bill, I will be in favor of it.

B) As a youth who supports the development of life to the fullest, I am in favor of a safe, healthy and responsible family lifestyle. However, I do not support no favor the Reproductive Health Bill. It is because the said bill is not the solution to overpopulation – the very thing the RH Bill’s objective is. The focus should be on the improvement of the literacy and moral uplift of the country.

Are you in favor of the proposed additional years in our educational system?

As a student who values learning to the highest level, education, for me, is very important. But, I do not support the addition of two years in our learning system because of the fact that our educational system is not the problem. Addition of two years would neither help nor improve our economy. Focus should be made on addressing the addition for more classrooms, facilities, equipment and most importantly, teacher education for our economic uplift.

Should plastic surgery be allowed in beauty contests? Why?

Plastic surgery should not be allowed in beauty contests. Beauty contests are celebrations of natural beauty. An act of acknowledging and honoring the beauty that God has given unto us and not of any kind of beauty that technology could offer to us.


Besides, true beauty (Insert the definition of true beauty.) and not only of the physical appearance.

Are you in favor of sex change?

I am not in favor of sex change. The primary purpose of our procreative power is the marital obligation of a man and a woman to produce offspring for the continuous existence of man. The physical and emotional differences, not only the sex organ determines the sex. A person who has undergone sex change would not be able to perform the extended responsibilities of a father or a mother to the child. Sex change will cost the disruption of man’s continued existence and will result to confusion. I am not in favor of it.

Are you in favor of same sex marriage?

The purpose of marriage is the marital obligation of a man and a woman to produce offspring for the continuous existence of man. Same sex marriage will cost the disruption of man’s continues existence and will result to confusion.

Are you in favor that sex education be integrated in the school curriculum?

I am not in favor that sex education be integrated in our school curriculum because of the fact that there are lots of unwanted pregnancies among our youths. I believe that the integration of the said matter will much more help in triggering the youth to do it by themselves. I think that what we should be focusing now is to wipe out those thousands of sex scandals in the Internet, pirated CD’s and DVD’s, close and ban those bars that allow human trafficking and check the moral values of our songwriters and movie producers. I believe with that, we are wiping the root of unwanted pregnancy, prostitution, and sex- related crimes.

Are you in favor of cloning?

I am not in favor of human cloning. It is because a baby is made through and out of love, and not of any laboratory apparatuses. For animal cloning, it is okay. This will serve as a free gateway for new discoveries especially for food because it will increase our supply to answer our growing needs.

Are you in favor of early romantic relationship?

A) Yes I’m in favor of it. Having a caring and supportive partner would both serve as motivation and inspiration as long as we know our limitations, and remember that our parents sacrifices a lot for our education.

B) Entering a relationship is a very nice experience for everyone but I am not in favor of it. There is a time for everything and there are lots of things to prioritized as a student. We are not yet ready to handle such commitments, as any untoward incidents may happen. We have already lots of untoward incidents caused by early romantic relationship, so I am not in favor of it.

What can you say about pornographic materials in our society?

Pornographic materials affect and influence the youths to trigger their sexual yearnings. Besides, there is a big possibility that they will prefer to read this more than their books or bond with their family. These youths who are into this habit could be addicted to it and forget about their future. These could be prevented by having a total ban for materials that promote immorality that could destroy our youth.

Are you in favor of pre-marital sex?

I am not in favor of pre-marital sex. The purpose of sex is the marital obligation of a man and a woman who are blessed and sanctified by the church to produce offspring for continuous existence of man and to have a happy and God-fearing family.

How would you help in stopping drug addiction to the teenagers?

I, as a student, I should be first one who should know the bad effects of drug addiction. Having enough knowledge about it, I could start the awareness campaign about on how to stop drug addiction in our school and pass it to Parents-Teachers Associations and then to a larger extent – to the concerned public. I, including my classmates, could start posting announcements, give flyers, or ask the local public health office to conduct seminars in different schools and barangays about drug addiction.

What is wrong about abortion?

Abortion is against the right to life of a conceived child in the womb of a mother. It is the same as killing or murder of a living person. Let us respect the life of an individual, as children of God, be it an adult, child, baby, or a conceived life in the womb of a mother let us treat each other with respect and love.

Do you think wedding still important to you?

Wedding is still important to marriage. It is a tie that no one could break even in the law of man. It is a vow in front of the altar that guides the couple to respect and love each other. Marriage too, strengthens the relationship of the couple keeping the commitment one has promised in the eyes of God. So I believe wedding would always be of importance to marriage.

If there is a chance, would you join a fraternity?

There is nothing wrong joining a fraternity as long as there will be no hazing ceremony and that the concept and purpose of that fraternity is helping a lot less fortunate people. However, as a student, I believe I have to finish my studies first so that I would be able to give my service to a larger extent on my field of expertise.

What should we do about prostitution?

Prostitution in night bars or any other places must be absolutely stopped for it is never moral to a Christian society. And it should also be vigilantly watched for it has caused innumerable broken families where the children are the ones who suffer much for the lack of love they receive either from their mother or father.

How could we help the out-of-school youth or teenagers?

The best thing we could possibly do to help them is to conduct activities like seminars and workshops that would enhance their entrepreneurship skills. Because in that way, we are helping and teaching them to earn for their own needs and will become independent in their living. With that project, we would lessen poverty, plus, the possibility of successful and responsible entrepreneurs and job providers would be there to help others too.

What does nightlife bring to the youth?

The nightlife has become an avenue to enjoy things that cannot be done during daytime. It is a newfound freedom to explore, discover and have fun without the watchful eyes of the day. But because of this newfound freedom without the guidance of the old ones, lots of unwanted incidents happen from vices to drugs to unwanted pregnancies. The youths should always be responsible even without guidance; even just for themselves in the end, it is them who will suffer the consequences of their irresponsible actions.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gadgets to the teenagers?

Gadgets make our work easier and faster but it is also a big factor affecting the study habits of the youths. Besides, some or most of the gadgets affect the eyesight, hearing and physical fitness. An epidemic of shyness, too, has been born to the new generation who usually want to stay silent, and listen to their iPods than saying what is on their minds. Plus, they are less attentive in class now and inactive in the society. And so, gadgets usage must be minimized and watched by the parents at home or the teachers in the school.

Is chastity still important to marriage?

Chastity is still important to marriage. It symbolizes purity and total love to one’s partner by staying dignified; free from impurities of a society full of temptations and immoral activities.

How could you stop media killings?

I could help in stopping the “media killings” by leading some concerned movements to file a petition or bill that the use of firearms can only be issued to no other than policemen and military people. Plus, thorough inspection must be made to foreign ships that may have and carry deadly weapons.

Are you in favor re-installing the death penalty?

Life, the very foundation of existence, is a one-time gift from God. Taking that gift away is a sin. It is because only God – the fountain of life and source of this wonderful gift, is the only one capable of taking it away. That would be all, thank you.

Are you in favor of prohibiting the use of cellular phones by the students in schools, why?

No, I am not in favor of prohibiting the use of cellular phones by the students in the school. I believe that the students are still manageable about this matter. In addition to that, educators could still solve this classroom management issue through diplomatic, gentle and convincing dialogues with the students.

10 Most Basic Sample of Beauty Pageant Questions

As a beauty queen

What do you think is your role if you would be crowned tonight?

If I will be crowned as __________ and as an ambassador of goodwill, I will be more than willing to promote (Emergency Phrase). 

In your own way, what will be your contributions in our government’s programs?

Being ambassador of goodwill and with confidence and a convincing aura of beauty, I could promote (Emergency Phrase). 

What do you think is the responsibilities of a beauty queen?

What do you think is the essence of winning (name of the pageant title)?

The essence of winning this pageant is for the people of this city to have a perfect point of reflection of a person who can best represent the city as (Emergency Phrase). 

Why did you join this pageant?

(My primary reason for joining this pageant is to develop and boost my self-esteem and self-confidence. Likewise,) it is a great privilege and honor to become one of the candidates for (state the pageant title) since you will be helping the (state the cause or purpose of the pageant) by (Emergency Phrase) 

How would you convince the audience and the board of judges that you deserve the title (name the pageant title)?

An answer can be found in 32 World’s Top Pageant Questions and Answers (see related links at the bottom later). 

How can we attain world peace?

Peace cannot be kept through force; it can only be achieved through understanding. According to Albert Einstein, this idea contemplates that building world organizations that help to prevent wars among nations through negotiations and bridging the gap between nations are helpful means to attain world peace. 

As a youth

What is your role as a youth in today’s crisis?

As a youth, my role is to promote social awareness in uplifting poor societal conditions. Another good way is joining a pageant and be able to promote programs like these that endeavor the development of one’s personality like confidence, self- esteem and other skills that help someone to achieve his goals and be able to be of use to his community as a future professional like being a nurse, a public servant or an entrepreneur. 

What is the biggest challenge to the youth today?

The biggest challenge to the youth today is on how to respond to the challenges of the 21st century- that is being able to hold on to what you believe is right; is able to live, enjoy and inspire people to continue living with the upright morals and responsibly assuming some serious and key leadership roles such as holding a beauty title, being a Sangguniang Kabataan official, being a young businessman who could later provide jobs to the unemployed. 

As an ambassador

How would you promote tourism in our country?

As a beauty pageant contestant with confidence and convincing aura of beauty, I could promote (name your country) – our country, through its beautiful atmosphere of the location, the water surrounding the place, bio-diversified landmarks, and its beautiful beaches have become favorite spot of tourists, travelers, and visiting entrepreneurs who could possible consider putting-up business here.


With that, my confidence and convincing aura of beauty will not just help win this pageant but also help my fellowmen in a wider and national scope.   

How would you promote tourism in (state the name of the place)?

(As a beauty pageant contestant with a convincing aura of beauty, I could promote (state the name of the place) by describing it to tourists and entrepreneurs as…)

It is a perfect place for me to live in. My province is located in (state the geographical location). (state the name of the place) is a place where peace and security rating is always a hundred percent thumbs up, a place where the historical site and its natural resources are rich and undisturbed, A place where beautiful people live in peace, in love, and in harmony helping one another to achieve the community’s projects, goals and endeavors under the good and internationally outstanding leadership of our officials; a place where people revere and fear God. That is (state the name of the place)! (My home!)

Pageant Questions about Environment & Science

What do you think is the greatest environmental problem today?

The greatest problem that the world is encountering right now is the depletion of the ozone layer. This is irreversible in nature and will cause many more difficulties to us. This will cause rise in temperature that will melt polar ice caps, which would result to the dramatic rise of sea levels threatening millions of people globally. Not to mention diseases one may get through excessive sun exposure. (Emergency Phrase) 

What are the abuses of man to our mother earth?

I believe that the unprecedented levels or unmatched mass exploitation of our world resources from mining, deforestation, air pollution, and the emission of greenhouse gases, associated with industrialization and strong economic growth causing global warming at a rate that has become alarming and unsustainable, are just some to mention. Because of these, it has caused the temperature to rise, polar ice caps to melt, sea levels to seep deeper inland, and massive storms to rip through cities and wreak havoc to everything that stands in their path. 

How could you save mother earth in your own little ways?

As a student, I will serve as a role model to convince my fellow students and to the others to become environment-conscious and become a point of reference to a student who is concerned in conserving and protecting the environment; so that my fellow students will see a fellow learner with external beauty and with a heart of taking good care of the environment, for them to emulate and copy. 

If given the chance to make an instant change to our planet, what would it be, why?

Given the chance to make an instant change in our planet, it will be bringing back the original count of ozone molecule, which was originally one/one millionth. It is because such ozone depletion is irreversible in nature. 

What will be your contribution to mitigate global warming?

I should be more than willing to join any green revolution or green movement in educating the public on how to safeguard the healthful environment that is essential to life. (Environmental Emergency Phrase) 

How can you promote conservation of the environment?

As a beauty pageant contestant, I believe that I have a convincing aura of beauty that I could use (Emergency Phrase). 

If you would (invent a thing) be a thing, what would it be?

If I were to invent a certain gadget, it would be Home Air Purifier. This is to protect everyone, especially the babies from the air they inhale inside the house, which is 2.5 times dirtier than the air we inhale outside home. These babies probably need it the most and yet helpless. We should further note that these babies too are our future nation builders. 

If you were to become a laboratory apparatus or science equipment, what would it be, why?

I want to be a filter paper, because it serves as purifier and it removes impurities or stagnant negative that hinders development: same as in our society today. 

To date, what do you think is the best invention?

The best invention today is the electric jeep because it helps lessen the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere. 

Who among our scientists do you consider the best?

The best scientist for me would be the Father of Ecology, namely, Alexander Von Humboldt. It is because he headed the preservation and conservation of our environment. And that is one big reason why it is still possible to live in this world. 

If you would be a gem, what would it be?

I would want to be a diamond. It is a gem with the hardest character that it can cut any other gems like that of a person who has a strong conviction and personality. Diamonds are made and shaped by nature over a long period of time, experiencing different and painful changes. Thus, like diamonds, a person who faces a lot of trials that made him strong and confident, is beautiful like a diamond.

What if you are a hermaphrodite?

Recently, many persons have undergone surgical or hormonal treatment to modify their non functioning sex characteristics and emphasize the sex indicated by those that are functional. This is possible because of science and technology, which I believe, I could avail of. 

Why is science important?

Science is important because it is in science that we discover how life begins, understand, why there is still life today: and discover what we must do to ensure that life goes on in the future.        

It is said that the language of science is mathematics, explain why.

It is said that the language of science is mathematics because it gives the minimum standard of science. Likewise, since science is a systematic body of knowledge, this knowledge could only be explained, expressed and most of all, realized through mathematics. 

What is the essence of your element which is fire?

The essence of Fire as my element is non-material or not quantifiable when it comes to effect. It simply means that its importance is immeasurable. Fire was used by ancient people in alchemy or art devoted to discovering a substance that would convert metals into gold or silver. Because of that, and fire as one of the four important elements, hundreds of different chemicals were discovered and thus chemistry was born as a science. 

Explain the theme “Igniting, Innovating and Optimizing Leaders through Science Clubbing.”

Our theme this year implies that student leadership and national science clubbing will provide a good training ground for one to be (emergency phrase).

Sports Pageant Questions

What is sportsmanship for you?

Sportsmanship for me is the ability to gain the respect of everybody, to become a “friend” to everyone in that particular engagement, regardless of winning or losing the competition.

Do you feel less feminine because you are in a sports team?

I belong to a sports team as a lawn tennis varsity player in the university but I definitely feel not less feminine. I even feel more feminine because femininity today means a woman of strength not weakness, active not passive, loud not timid, and a woman of character and values.

What are the traits should one have to win as Miss Intramural?

Faith in God will be the first trait to win in any endeavor. Looking at Manny Pacquiao, the world’s people’s champ always does the sign of cross every time he enters the ring; and he has gone far because of this. The rest  is intelligence, beauty, and confidence to complete a real beauty queen, or as Miss Intramural.

Who do you think will win as Miss Intramural and why?

I have faith in God, I have a sound mind and a sound body and I am confident and beautiful (just like everybody else here). I humbly hope and wish that I will be favored by our respectable judges and win Miss Intramural. Thank you.

How would you convince the audience and the board of judges that you deserve the title as Miss Sports Fest?

I could convince the audience and the board of judges that I deserve the title Miss Sports Fest because I got what it takes. I am physically fit, sports-minded person, and as a beauty pageant contestant, I have a convincing aura of beauty that could encourage and convert people to engage in sports.

What do you think is the best trait you can develop in practicing sports and why?

What is the importance of intramural?

The best trait you can develop in it is sportsmanship. The ability to gain the respect of everybody, to win the hearts and accolades and be able to become a friend to everyone as you engage yourself in that particular sport, regardless of winning or losing the game.

How do you make yourself physically fit?

I make myself physically fit by strictly following healthy routines, that is, morning exercise in the form of stretching or sports, and observing proper intake of nutritious foods.

If you have the chance to talk to the human race, what would you say about sports?

If I will be given the chance to talk to the whole human race, this will be the greatest avenue and opportunity for me to promote and create an awareness campaign on the benefits and importance of sports in one’s life, family, society, nation and world.

With so many crises that visit us today, how can you be of help as sports ambassador?

With so many crises that visit us today, as an ambassador for sports, I could be of help by being a catalyst in promoting sport-mindedness to students and be away in drug addiction, and juvenile delinquency. At the same time, lessen the moral deterioration crisis in our youth today and strengthen their values and character through engaging in sports and overpower whatever crises that may come to them.

What do you think is the status of women athletes in sports given that during basketball games, the men divisions are more “watched” than those in women division?

I believe that the status of women athletes in sports given that basketball men are more “watched” than that of women is still equal and fair enough compared to men. Why? It is because women are also more “watched” than men in other sports, like in volleyball and in lawn tennis.

Why did you choose to be the representative of your school?

I chose to be the representative of my school because it is a great privilege and honor to become one of the catalyst in promoting sports and become a perfect point of reflection of a student who gives importance to sports for the other students to emulate.

Why is basketball the most popular sports among Filipinos?

Basketball is the most popular sport among us because this is one way to manifest one of our eminent Filipino values, that is, unity which is the primary  reason for a team to win in any basketball game.

Beauty Contest Questions on Definition of Words

What is the definition of love?

For me, love is an act of doing any goodness to someone free from mental reservation, and regardless and unmindful to the reciprocal response of the other person. 

What is the meaning of “sportsmanship”?

Sportsmanship for me is the ability to gain the respect of everybody, to become a “friend” to everyone in that particular engagement, regardless of winning or losing the competition. 

What is a “skill” or “talent” for you?

Considering today’s context, and world’s condition, the word “skill”/”talent” for me is the ability to do certain things that could help uplift the economic condition of our country, something that could benefit the needy society and alleviate poverty. That would be “skill”/“talent” for me. 

What is the importance of one’s skills?

The development of one’s skills in researching, discovering and developing innovative breakthroughs in the fields of medicine, systematic and arts, are useful in our high-tech living. One’s skill in management can also be applied to entrepreneurship in utilizing physical and human resources and that will help contribute to the economic welfare of the country by providing jobs not only to hundreds, but thousands and millions of jobless Filipinos as well. 

What can you say about homosexuals?

Homosexuals are cool individuals, multi-talented, and are smart people who excel and dominate the world of fashion and beauty. They extend and share their talents to us in many ways. They help to make the world a better place to live in because of their creativity and wide imagination. 

What can you say about cyber education?

Cyber education here in the Philippines would not be practicable. It entails a big amount of money that the Department of Education could use to much more immediate concerns like books and classrooms. Furthermore, I still believe that the “touch” of a teacher is still the most influential and powerful tool to educate and to inspire students which the cyber education could never provide.

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Pageant Questions

  1. Gau Callanta Jr. Post author

    Thank you so much Roseann, I appreciate your kind words. I will post one or two more articles if I will find time this coming months. As you notice, I write long and compiled articles, so it is hard to produce one.

  2. roseann abing

    whoah .. i do love reading those answers u got in here … it was like a full packaged …
    but humans as we are, we have different viewpoints in a certain issue .. I REALLY LOVEIT .. MORE POWER TO U <3

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