Gay Pageant Versus Transgender in Beauty Pageant

Gay Pageant

A Celebration of Their Own Sexuality

Somewhere along the way, something went different. Someone was different enough to be misunderstood. As it seems, ideas and practices are very much capable of reproduction. Where there was one, now stands many and more is expected to join the dance as the world and everyone in it continue to age and grow. With the vitality and excitement in a beauty pageant born out of the purpose of having the world realize its women more, it really is no longer any wonder why our homosexual friends wish to be seen as a beauty worth parading in a gallantly decorated stage; in a gay pageant that celebrates their own sexuality and uniqueness.

Gay Contestants Receive Insults to Clueless Crowds

Gay pageant have marked festivities for so long they have become a welcome tradition. And as the date nears, the candidates and their own band of loyal friends, make-up artists and wardrobe managers gather in lively preparation – hopeful to be the stars of the show. And there, on stage, they are queens of their own kingdoms. But what is to be a celebration of a unique kind of beauty is trampled upon and openly regarded as an extension of an inside joke; a well-lighted ceremonial insult; a richly decorated comedy performance where the candidates are part of a cruel mockery set by the unforgiving, clueless crowds.

Gay pageant contestants aren’t comedians to laugh at

Everyone needs to be regarded as beautiful and worth parading at one time or another. And though gays are not entirely women who could painfully force the masses to regard them as soft, sweet and beautiful goddesses, they ARE beautiful; talented and humour-abundant, alive and very much human. Must they be so easily handed over to an audience that happily throws away sarcastic comments, insulting puns and sharp remarks like bullies towering over a cornered clown because somewhere along the way, they were the ones different enough to be misunderstood? No. It is human aberration to make them laughingstocks just because you can.

 A Gay Pageant is Not Immoral

A moral tradition can very much be gay pageants – to entertain, to celebrate the beauty and art of being gay, to crown them as beauties in their own well-deserved space. What makes such ‘tradition’ immoral is the far from classy and derogatory approach of this world’s society to its existence.

Crowned gay pageant beauties, not crowned comedies

Pageants are created for many positive reasons. They are held for many honorable and dignified beliefs. Should you hold a gay pageant – organize so as to make it beautiful and worthwhile; call for participation so as to make sensible and reasonable fun. In their own stage, in their own pageant, under their own limelight, our gay friends must be given enough importance – crown them so as to make them crowned gay pageant beauties, not crowned comedies.

Transgender in Beauty Pageant

Jenna Talackova has made an incredible addition to the running history of the Miss Universe pageant by marking the opening of its elusive doors to transgender in beauty pageant from all around the globe. Noted for its incomparable record for celebrating the beauty and grandeur of women, the Miss Universe Organization has made it clear: yes, they are fighting with this world’s battle for gender equality. Or are they?

Transgender and women are different

For the many years of our existence we have developed varying cultures; embraced new practices; raised new beliefs and accepted lifestyles which were once upon a time hushed and deliberately discriminated – an expected response when faced with things or circumstances that we do not yet understand. Transgender, in our time (which is now) are continuously gaining rights and privileges; accepted into society and appreciated by its men and women. They are after all, valuable contributions to our existence – a mark of our times. But, let us not forget the value of our women – their undeniable femininity bursting from their hearts, shining from within their female spirits. There is a reason we are born men and women. We have duly acknowledged with respect that the in-between be accepted; even loved. To pit them against our women; to have them share the spotlight with our women in a celebration of our women’s beauty and unique importance is to cross the boundaries even they have set out to build.

Gender equality between transgender and women

Equality is such a big word these days. And just as “a woman who sets out to be like a man has no ambition” it is also reasonable to say that a transgender who sets out to insist that a transgender is no different from an actual woman is taking it a little bit too over the edge – a little too “scarlet”. For equality to be unscathed by the imprints of a terribly showbiz world; an overly advertised sub-reality (which is the way everyone should want Equality to be), the parties involved must realize and boldly admit that equality can only blossom if we acknowledge the differences paved for us well even before our time; it can only grow if we allow for the proper space to be given to whom it shall be given when it shall be given and how; gender equality can only be true to its meaning if we understand and accept that women and transgender women should be upheld in their own limelight, in their own stage: both of which do not belong to the same space.

Miss Universe: Discovery for womanhood not transgender

The Miss Universe pageants paved the way for hundreds of our women to be introduced into the world as princesses and queens; adored and admired by many, inspiring dreams and hopes with a signature wave and a dazzling smile, gaining trusts and loyalties with a straightforward and sincere answer, making hearts and imaginations run wild with a magical twist in a sparkling gown, challenging people of all genders to stand for something – to believe in beauty, sincerity, in the richness of our species and in the magic of our lives. To dull such a genius celebration by blurring and even erasing the lines which define the lasting existence of the Miss Universe pageants as an avenue for the discovery of a deeper, truer truth in our women by not differentiating them from the in-between is a heartbreak and a stone hard evidence that beliefs and rights are no longer for the truth of everyone but for the pleasure and desire of some.

Transgender in beauty pageant

Let us not turn our backs on the truth; on the unique value of our women and in the unique treasures of our transgender. They may exist in one world, fighting for one cause but to face each other for a crown in a single pageant is an explosive interlude that will (if not already) confuse and decay the importance of both of them.

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