Miss Supranational 2013

Miss Supranational 2013 5th edition will be held at Sport’s Palace Minsk, Belarus on September 6. The said pageant is honored to believe in their mantra which is “Unite our World with Beauty” and is being spearheaded by the World Beauty Association (WBA), S.A. that has been established on the basis of twenty years of experience in the event industry and the organization of beauty contests.

Based on their offcial page, WBA is passionate to tear down borders by drawing attention to those countries on their way to become tourism destinations of high attraction. They enable the youth to expand their horizons by showing them the beautiful side of a truly globalized world.

WBA who is behind the Miss Supranational strongly believes too and is committed to achieve excellence with solid compliance into it. These values help them to gain advantages for all stakeholders: best performance for their host, utter contentedness of their sponsors and national directors, complete satisfaction of the audience and bright prospects of the pageant winners.

On the other hand, Miss Supranational is one of the leading international beauty contests and became an official member of the Grand Slam of Beauty Pageants on 7 November 2010.

Here are the partial confirmed candidates to join Miss Supranational 2013:

The Partial Contestants for Miss Supranational 2013

2 thoughts on “Miss Supranational 2013

  1. Gau Callanta Jr. Post author

    I appreciate your concern, I am sorry for that and I am glad I am corrected with this. Thank you so much and I will do the editing as soon as I will seat on the matter

  2. Larsen Domecillo

    I beg to this disagree about your historical information about Mutya ng Pilipinas. It was not established in 1965. What was staged then was the 1965 Miss Asia won by Miss Malaysia, Angela Filmer, in line with the Asian Cycling event at that time. It is not in any way connected with Mutya ng Pilipinas which is now celebrating its 45th year this year

    Mutya ng Pilipinas was established in 1968, with Mary Jane de Joya as the very first Mutya ng Pilipinas, who competed at the very first Miss Asia Pageant held in Araneta Colesium. We have voluminous pageant files and clippings as evidence for this real information. Hope this sets the record straight.

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