Pageant Farewell Speech

Pageant Farewell Speech of Jeroselle Oliveros Rivera

Last January 18, 2012, I have been blessed to wear this beautiful crown and carry the title of Miss San Fabian. And even up to this moment; the nervousness, excitement and overwhelming happiness that I have felt during that night is still fresh in my memory. It is indeed a very remarkable experience for me. An experience that I will forever treasure in my heart for I have not only won the title Miss San Fabian 2012 but I have also gained new friends in the person of my fellow beauty queens Nikki Marmolejo and Jeannette Greissel.

This beautiful experience also gave me the chance and opportunity to meet new people and participate in different events and gatherings of our beloved town which taught me plenty of things and helped me to become a better person and this what makes my reign as Miss San Fabian 2012 more meaningful.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Chairman of the Pageant, Tita Cynthia Soriano and to our Pageant Director Sir Rey Cabuzi for all their hard work in making Miss San Fabian 2012 a successful event. To our Municipal Mayor Irene Libunao and to the councilors for their outstanding support to make the pageant an awesome experience for all of us.

I could not have done it without our Heavenly Father and the continual love, trust and support of my family. Thank you, and I love you all very much.

Jeroselle Oliveros Rivera, and will always be your Miss San Fabian 2012.

Pageant Farewell Speech of Murriel Solis Llobrera

As we all know, all good things end well. So, as the 2010 ended, it’s also time to pass her two-year legacy to those who will inherit her endeavor and will.

Here’s a beauty pageant farewell speech from Miss San Fabian 2009, Murriel Solis Llobrera.

Leaving, sometimes, is not a matter of choice. Two years have passed since I was crowned as Miss SK San Fabian and, indeed, it wasn’t just a remarkable experience – but also a great responsibility for me. Responsibility to uphold on what is morally upright even many compromises with the wrong; responsibility to live with the highest possible ideals is not as easy as it is in order to serve as an epitome to the people, especially to the young ones. To be studious as a character of a student, to be a good daughter as what is to be expected to anybody of my age; and to follow what our beauty pageant mentor always tell us, “Wear the crown in your heart, and not in your head.”

I am thankful to the people who have become part of my journey as Miss Sk San Fabian. To our Mayor, Hon. Mojamito R. Libunao Jr, municipal councilors, Sangguniang Kabataan, and to our pageant director, Derik Rey Cabuzi and his staff, to Ate Care Romero who have passed the crown to me, to my make-up artist that night, Francisco Usoria Jr., to my Father Ricardo and my Mother Lolita, my Sister Racquel, relatives, friends, and to my fellow candidates during that time, I say thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

To the judges who have looked onto me with so much kindness and trusted me with confidence to give to me the most coveted title that these ladies of our town would be much more than willing to accept it even if it is embedded not of gold but responsibility; to the beautiful people of San Fabian, I say thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It was a joyful journey to serve my town – my home.

And to all, I bid my farewell, so long.

Murriel Solis Llobrera, and will always be, Miss SK San Fabian 2009.

From the Pageant Answers team, we still congratulate and look up to you and we are really sure you will keep on striving and continue to be an inspiration to all. A nice pageant farewell speech indeed.

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