Pageant Interview Questions and Answers

Pageant Interview Questions and Answers are questions asked by the judges before deciding who will join the semi-final round.

Beauty pageants have two types of interview questions. The casual interview and the final interview.

The casual interview portion is an elimination process for the candidates. Once you did not perform well on this part, the chance of joining the finalists is narrow. It is as bad as losing the pageant.

It is important then that you as a candidate must be aware of the pageant interview questions that might be asked based on the information on the application form you submitted. 

As a word of advice, get to know yourself first before joining a beauty pageant. It is essential in winning the crown. List down casual interview questions, and think of what would be your answer. 

Pageant interview questions and answers samples

Can you explain your motto “To God Be The Glory?

“To God be glory” always reminds me to discredit myself, be humble and keep myself on the ground whatever I may achieve.

Explain your motto, “Long for love, search for knowledge, and pity the suffering of mankind”.

The longing for love, the search for knowledge and the pity for the sufferings of mankind are actually three passions that governed the life of a philosopher named Bertrand Russell. Love will align me to a Christ-like living, the search for knowledge is my inclination to know what is true and the last one is my desire to help anyone who is in need. 

What is your other guiding principle aside from your motto?

The maxim “Push your limitations as you live and die for others”, implies that I keep challenging my limitations; improving my skills and talents as I try to share these and be able to help and inspire others to do the same. 

Why did you choose your course?

I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher. At first I only wanted to stay in front of the class and ask them to read, but as I mature, I seeing now the true role of teachers. Teachers are catalysts of change and the molders of minds. With this in mind, I pursued my course in Education and to prepare my students for the world ahead of them. Being a teacher is really a difficult job but it is really the noblest profession there is for they build the next generation.

What is your favorite subject?

I like environmental science the most because it arouses my curiosity and it is important to everyone. It is in science that we discover how life begins, understand why there is still life today and discover what we must do to ensure that life goes on in the future.

What are the steps that you do to excel in your studies?

As a student, I try to manage my time well by first, setting aside less important things like going to malls and chatting with my friends on the internet. Second, thinking out and focusing on the priorities to be done. Third, I make sure that I follow my parents’ advice because they know what is best for me. Last, I always ask God’s grace and guidance.

How do you manage stress?

Stress motivates us to achieve things and fuels creativity; but if not managed appropriately, it can contribute anxiety disorders. As a student, I manage stress by thinking out and focusing on the task to be done, and then give myself a break like watching TV. After relaxing, I will start working out the problem. It is simple but I find this very effective.

What is your ambition?

I want to be an entrepreneur because I plan putting-up a business and become successful with it. In that way, I will be able to help more people by providing them jobs. I think that is a long-term, continuous and sustainable way to help people and the community as well.

What is your other option aside from becoming an entrepreneur?

I want to be a good and brilliant lawyer in the Public Attorney’s Office to do public service. I want to help those hopeless faces in the prison cell deprived of freedom because they were not able to pay for a good lawyer. Let us imagine and ask ourselves, “What kind of life and future is stored for these prisoners and their families as well?” I believe the answer is already more than enough reason to convince myself to become a good lawyer not to mention those who are oppressed and helpless people because they have nothing in life. 

Who is your favorite lawyer?

Of all the brightest and greatest lawyers, I like Jovito Salonga the most. His reputation is untarnished with corruption, his brilliance is unmatched and his contribution to the society as a lawyer and as a public servant is unequaled. 

What can you say about the saying, “Lawyers are liars”?

Lawyers do not lie. They have code of professional ethics and canons to follow that in the case of non-adherence they will be disbar. It is not lying; it is saving, defending and believing the right of someone who is fighting the price of every inch of his freedom. 

What will you do if you fail the licensure examination? (Business courses)

I will try again because (What is your ambition?). I believe that will be enough reason to take the examination repeatedly whatever it may costs.

Why are you taking up AB Mass Communication?

Your ambition is to be a successful broadcaster and an entrepreneur, why is this so?

How do you see yourself fifteen years from now?

How would you help the community?

(I will study my lessons well so that I would be a successful…)

I am taking up AB Mass Communication because I want to be a successful newscaster delivering the people and the community the information they need- accurate, responsible, and fearless broadcasting without bias and prejudice against influential and powerful people. I can see myself uncovering cases better left unsaid for I believe that it is the right of the public to know. I can see myself as a successful researcher-broadcaster too, documenting every little detail of significance that the concerned public must and should know.

I can also see myself as a successful and responsible entrepreneur providing jobs to hundreds and thousands of Filipinos who are unemployed. In that way, poverty, which causes ill health, crimes and other cancers of the society, will be lessened. 

Both of your parents are engineer. Why are you taking up B.S. Biology instead of an engineering course?

Both of my parents have already contributed their services in the field of engineering, and two of my brothers too are taking up engineering-related courses that is why, I being the youngest and the only girl, have dreamed of becoming a doctor so that someone will take good care of my parents and my elder brothers health conditions. Plus, to cater the needs of sick people would also be such as honorable as other professions. 

You are studying in a topnotch university in the country. Can you tell us something about being a student there?

Being a student means knowing your priorities and having proper time management. As a student I try to manage my time well by first, is setting aside things like going to malls, and chatting with friends on the internet. Second, thinking out and focusing on the task to be prioritize and to be done as soon as possible, and third is I make sure that I follow my parent’s advice because they know what’s the best for me. And the most important why I can survive in a very competitive university is that, I always ask God’s grace and guidance. 

What is your favorite magazine?

I have chosen Reader’s Digest as my favorite magazine because it contains a variety of readings from true-to-life inspirational stories to jokes, features, special editions and news. It is actually the most read magazine all over the world. 

What other magazines do you read?

Other than Readers Digests, I consider TIME Magazine as one. The write-ups are great, its news is of international interest and the magazine has bright and colorful pictures and illustrations too. 

What particular TV program do you watch?

I like Discovery Channel of all. I learn and discover a lot from that TV program. It highlights the beauty of the world that God created as our home to take good care of. We should learn how to appreciate this and be a nature lover. (Aside from Discovery Channel, I like watching my favorite broadcasters so I watch CNN, 24 Oras and TV Patrol News because I want to be a successful broadcaster someday.) 

Who is the comedian you wanted the most?

I will be choosing Michael V. as my comedian. He has brought fame and honor to the country and has proven it by being featured in The Reader’s Digest. It is a proof of how one person can be great and be acknowledged by the world. No comedian has ever given such pride and honor to the country. 

What is your favorite movie?

I have chosen Troy as my favorite movie because the story was enticing, inspiring and emotionally appealing especially when the Greek soldiers were able to open the gates of Troy. It makes me feel that even the unconquerable dilemmas and problems in our lives have solutions and endings through perseverance and faith.

What are your hobbies?

Watching TV and surfing the net has become essential and important to me even if I consider them as my hobbies. Both the media and the web are essential tools that keep me updated especially to gadgets, technologies and new innovations. Likewise, Discovery Channel offers new and interesting information to me.

What is your favorite sport?

I have chosen volleyball as my favorite sport because it is an exciting game. I believe it has become an avenue for other people to help the youth and the society itself to be far from delinquency and vices.

What color will best represent your personality?

*I am a determined person. And I chose the color green to best describe my outlook in life because like the green grasses, I will continue to fight and live even how many times I will be cut down by challenges and tribulations in life. I will stand-up no matter what happen— in God’s grace.

*The color that best describes my outlook in life would be the color white.  White represents optimism. I am an optimistic person. I look at things in the positive way, thinking that the glass is half-full and not half-empty.  God has taught us how to trust in HIM. And like righteousness, simplicity, contentment, calmness and divinity, that is associated with the color white, would always shine and give happiness to people amidst the other colors.

You said to us that your favorite colors are green, pink and sky-blue, why do you like these colors?

*Two of these colors represent the colors of the world. Green being the color of the mother earth and sky-blue, the great blue sky. The color Pink represents “me”, since it represents femininity and likewise it symbolizes love which should be in between the world we live in and the sky we look and pray above.

Pink: love, femininity, Green: growth, freshness, hope, Blue: vastness, infinity, calmness, peace.

In one word, how are you going to describe yourself?

Patient. I would often describe myself to be patient. Though I and my mom have been through many hardships, I remained to be patient and to trust in what God has planned for us. Even though I have been put down by other people, I remained patient with them and if I try enough and strive more, I can prove to them what I can do.

What word describes your personality best?

The word that best describes me is amiable because I am fond of making friends with a lot of people. Though when I was young I was a shy type of girl, I learned to come out of my shell and to be more open to friendships and it helped me a lot. I believe that through my amiability I get to learn more about others and this concerns how to properly deal with different kinds of people.

What is your strength and weakness?

As a beauty pageant contestant, I find my confidence and my convincing aura of beauty as my strength that I could use to convince businesspersons to have their investments here. In that way, my strength will not only be a great help for me to win this pageant, but also a great means to achieve my goal in helping the society I live in.

On the other side of the coin, I find controlling my emotions as my weakness but tonight, I will be the master of my emotions! 

What makes a complete, healthy and happy family for you?

A complete, healthy and happy family is where love is abundant and abounding. Before, both of my parents are working abroad and it does not matter to my sister and me because we know that they love us. Each one of us does her obligation. We remain intact because we are bound by our love with each other despite the fact that we are separated by distance. But as of now, my father is already with us and he is watching right now, while mother is still in abroad and I believe she is praying for the my pageant. (Case to case basis)

How do you make yourself physically fit?

I make myself physically fit by strictly following two healthy routines that is morning exercise in the form of aerobics or sports and observance of proper intake of nutritious and the right foods for me.

What can you say about the people who do not believe in you?

I believe in the saying “you cannot impress everybody” especially when it comes to your talents, skills, and intelligence but you can always try to make them like you as a person and in reciprocal, like them too.

You just turn 18 years old this year, what is the significance of celebrating one’s 18th Birthday?

The point where a girl becomes a woman is the time when she reaches her 18th birthday. From there onwards, starts her social responsibility and social accountability for her actions and deeds as a citizen and as a woman. Because at this time, and through her debut, she is formally introduce to the society with all the legal and social rights and capacity a girl must have. 

It says here that you are doing ballroom dancing, why do like it? What is the difference of it to other dances?

Ballroom dancing just like any other dances serves as a form of communication or expression for me. And I express myself naturally through movement. Aside from that, it helps me to socialize during social gatherings and is a very good habit for anybody since it also serves as a form of exercise and removes stress.

What have you learned from this pageant?

I have learned to fully trust my capabilities as a person and to never doubt myself. I have also learned that in whatever competition you choose to take part of, you’ll always be a winner if you see what you have gained. I can say that I have gained a lot – experience, friends, and additional lessons in life that will guide me all throughout.

What is the most difficult part of this contest?

The most difficult part of this contest is its ending because this will be the time that friends have to go separate ways again and it will be the time when our journey as candidates of Miss Limgas na Pangasinan will put into halt. We have learned to build friendships not only with one another as fellow candidates but with the people helping us and guiding us and I know we have all enjoyed what we gone through as this contest went on. As difficult as it may appear, I know that this contest’s end will mark new beginnings for each one of us – maybe stronger friendships, even more opportunities and others.

How will you feel if you will not win this pageant?

No matter what is the outcome of this pageant, if I win or not, I will still feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to be a part of this prestigious event and I know that as my life goes on this will be noted as one of the most unforgettable experiences that I’ve had in my life. I know that no matter what happens I will still come out a winner because the overall experience that I’ve had, will remain to be one of the best prizes one can garner from this pageant.

How will you accept defeat?

For me, defeat in any part of one’s life is inevitable. Even the most successful person in the world was once defeated. I will accept whatever God gives me, may it be success or defeat, open heartedly and open mindedly.  I believe that in the midst of defeat, one still becomes successful because he/ she has still proved something to herself and not only that she has become more matured as an individual with the additional life’s lessons she has gained. Defeat truly becomes defeat if you don’t see the ray of opportunity it brings to you as a person.

Do you believe that you will win this contest?     

Yes, I greatly believe that I will win this contest because I have physically, mentally and spiritually prepared for this. My faith in God, in myself, and in the people who have trained and helped me will surely lead me to my victory.

What advice can you give to young people who want to join beauty contests?

I would like to advice young people who want to join beauty contests to reach for their dreams and to be prepared for the challenges in store. They should allow themselves to improve in the different aspects needed in beauty contests like poise, walk and others and once they’re already in a beauty contest, they should savor every moment of it. Opportunities often come once and they should make the best of it.

What is your ideal beauty queen and why?

My ideal beauty queen is a woman who is worthy to be emulated not only because of her beauty, body, wit and talent but because of her genuine personality. It is because for me a beauty queen is a source of inspiration and one can really be an inspiration if she knows how to keep her feet on the ground, deal with others without prejudice and be thankful for what she has achieved.

If given a chance to change any part of your body, what would it be?

If given this chance, I will choose none for what I am today is what God has molded me into becoming.  Every individual has been created in a unique way and my body, besides my character, is what makes me unique.  I consider myself to be blessed to be created this way and that the way I look now is truly God’s masterpiece. The best way on how I can repay him is to be fully contented and thankful for what I have.

What is a Modern Filipina?

A Modern Filipina is a woman full of hope, love and wisdom. She is a person who has a ‘say’ in societal transformation and knows her possible contributions for the improvement of the society which are now evident in many Filipinas today. Examples are those who choose to lead, and excel in different fields of endeavor. In addition to that, a Modern Filipina is a woman who knows how to combine courage and self-confidence with chastity and purity which should still be innate in every Filipina.

What are the values of a Filipina woman that you want to preserve?

Filipinas in the current generation are obviously greatly influenced by the Westerners. Though many of these influences have benefited us, there are some Filipina values which I think should be preserved. Filipinas should preserved their conservativeness, chastity, hospitality, fidelity and strong family orientation. We are known to be the kind of women to be greatly respected because we know how to properly act, speak and dress. Many men of different nationalities also admire us for being devoted to our families and to our husbands. We, Filipinas, are well known for our uniqueness and exotic beauty combined with the notable values we have. We must continue to preserve these values which we are known for.

What is your ideal man?

My ideal man is someone who has great faith in the Lord because I know that he will also see the beautiful plans God has in store for both of us and he has a wide understanding of what is happening in our lives. I believe that a man of great faith and belief in the Lord is a man who possesses the positive attributes any daughter of God would pray for. It is difficult to have any relationship with a man who doesn’t know how to put God in the center of it.

Are you in favor of live-in relationship?

No because for me it violates the sanctity of marriage. Engaging in a live-in relationship should not be a consideration in testing the compatibility of couples. There will always be times that a couple may seem incompatible, even in a marriage, but settling differences will make them stronger and from there, they will realize that their marriage has bonded to truly become one.

Do you believe in pre-marital sex?

No, I don’t. Primarily because I believe that sex is a sacred sacrament which should only be done by those who have received the grace of holy matrimony. Sex before marriage is not the exemplification of love but it is maintaining purity and chastity in a relationship until the proper time comes.

Which would you prioritize, Love or Career?

Choosing the two is really a difficult decision but between love and career, I would prioritize my career because many opportunities in one’s career often happen once and never happen again.  If a guy truly loves me, he would understand and support me in what I need to do to become fulfilled in my chosen field of endeavor.

What is the common problem of the youth of today?

The common problem of the youth of today is coping up with the demands of today’s century. The youth of today often feel the pressure of becoming the assets of the community and meeting the expectations of the older generations. They feel that they should always be prepared to face for judgments, questions and ridicules yet I see that the youth of today are growing into mature and strong individuals and not long they will become future leaders.

What is your stand on Climate Change?

Climate Change is one of greatest issues that all of us should give attention to. It is experienced in the entire world and it is the Earth’s desperate cry for help. What we are experiencing now are the products of our malpractices towards Mother Nature and with this we have to take a stand and move to preserve what’s left of nature’s beauty. Every one of us can make a change if we just try and do so.

What is your stand in the RH Bill?

The RH Bill or the RH Law as it is known now, is still up to now very controversial. In my own perspective, the RH Law has positive aims and that is the development of the country yet I still disagree to the universal access to the methods of contraception and fertility control that this law guarantees. I believe that the large population in the Philippines should not be considered a problem yet an asset to the country. Making contraceptives easily accessible will make the youth bolder to engaging themselves to pre-marital sex. Instead of making this as this the remedy, the Philippine government should have stressed on finding ways to open new job opportunities, and improvements in the educational system.

What is your stand on the K to 12 program of the DepEd?

The K to 12 is really a big leap done by the DepEd to our educational system. I believe that this program will be beneficial to our future graduates. The added 2 years in the secondary level of students will surely prepare them to be globally competitive and catch up with the demands of the international community. Even though many of our schools are still adjusting to change in the curriculum, as the years pass they will be able to cope with it and prepare our students for a better tomorrow.

How do you feel right now?

*I am trying to be okay.

*I am nervous. But I am also convincing myself that I am not nervous.

*I am nervous right now but I am trying to believe and convince myself that I am perfectly okay and not nervous.  

Pageant interview questions sample on a local pageant

By: Maybelle Pameroyan of Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan

Why did you join this pageant?

I joined this pageant for particular reasons. First is for my self-growth and for me to achieve a sense of fulfillment.  This pageant for me is my springboard to surpass my limitations and to build within myself true confidence and courage. The second reason is for me to raise the banner of my hometown, Sta. Barbara which I hold so dear to my heart. Lastly, I want to be involved in the promotion of Tourism here in Pangasinan and I know that the Limgas na Pangasinan Pageant targets to encourage many tourists to visit our province through showcasing the beauty, wit and talent of its Pangasinense women. Because of the reasons I have mentioned, I decided wholeheartedly to join this prestigious pageant.

Say something about your barangay, town, city, province.

BARANGAY – My barangay’s name is Pob. Norte and it is considered the heart of Sta. Barbara for there stands the municipal hall of our town together with other government offices such as the Police Station, Health Center, and the town’s mother high school, the Daniel Maramba National High School. It is also the center of leisure and recreation as it also holds the town’s auditorium, park, and orbos gymnasium. When it comes to the residents there, based on my observations, I can say that they are business-minded and hardworking individuals for in their simple ways they engage in entrepreneurship such as putting up sari-sari stores and selling goods like vegetables and fruits. Though a bit small in land area, I can say that my barangay is a place in Sta. Barbara worth visiting.

TOWN – One of the first class municipalities of Pangasinan, Sta. Barbara is filled with hard-working residents who work hand-in-hand to produce our agricultural products such as rice, yellow corn, mangoes and vegetables and even manufactured products like handicrafts, bamboo craft , red bricks, and many more. Not only are its residents hardworking but many of them are also talented as it is exemplified by 1st place winning of our dance troupe in the recently held Balitok-A-Tawir 2013 Grand Finals. I can also say that it is a place where history is preserved as it is the hometown of Don Daniel B. Maramba,”the Grand Old Man of Pangasinan” who served as one of the governors of Pangasinan. Simple yet historical and very productive, Sta. Barbara is truly worthy to be proud of. J

PROVINCE – The third biggest province in the whole Philippine archipelago, Pangasinan is endowed with the richness of nature’s beauty for it has many beautiful scenic spots like the beaches of Lingayen enchanted cave of Bolinao, and the mountain of Balungao. It also preserves the solemnity of Christian faith as embodied by the different churches found in the province. Our province is also well-known for the world class products that it showcases like the famous “puto Calasiao”, “bangus” of Dagupan,  Lingayen Bagoong, native delicacies and many more. Besides that, Pangasinan continues to preserve and enrich its culture through the support its local government has been giving to the celebration of the different “fiestas” here in the province. Many noted personalities are also from our province. This displays that Pangasinenses are prominent in different fields. To mention some, we have the recent winner of the Voice of the Philippines, Mitoy Yonting, lawmaker Jose de Venecia Jr., and former president Fidel V. Ramos. Pangasinan is truly a beautiful province worthy to be visited and to be proud of.

What makes me proud being from Pangasinan?

The overall package that Pangasinan exhibits makes me proud that I’m a Pangasinense. The fact that it has beautiful sceneries and landmarks, rich culture and history, hardworking and talented people, responsible leaders and an efficient government will make any citizen proud of her homeland. I can say that I am overjoyed to be from here.

What are the qualities of being Miss Limgas na Pangasinan?

Being Miss Limgas na Pangasinan, a woman should not only show that she is beautiful, intelligent and talented but she must be able to couple those qualities with humility and responsibility.

Being a beauty title holder bears a great responsibilities and that is to be a great example for the citizens of Pangasinan through which one may further promote Pangasinan in its entirety. Miss Limgas should be a person who is aware of her responsibilities to her throne and to her province and is ready to fulfill her responsibilities. Besides that, Miss Limgas na Pangasinan should also be a person who knows how to keep her feet on the ground because through this she is able to reach out to people more no matter what status they have. Miss Limgas na Pangasinan is an epitome of what Pangasinenses are and with this she should bear in mind responsibility and humility.

If tourists visit your place, where you bring them here in Pangasinan?

If I were to have visitors, I would bring them to the Hundred Islands, National Park. I want them to experience the majesty of  the well-known islands here in the province and besides that I want them to appreciate the preservation and protection given to the flora, fauna and wildlife found in these islands. Not only will they be amazed but they will also gain love for the preservation of nature.

If given the chance to be the Governor of Pangasinan, what immediate projects will you implement?

If given the chance to be the governor of Pangasinan, I would provide scholarship programs for the children of our province’s hardworking farmers and fishermen especially to those who have no capability to send their children to school. I find it very sad that the people contributing to the success of the people in food production are the ones who can’t even send their children to school, not only in college but even in high school. This will help their families and I know will further strengthen their drive to contribute more to the province.

What can you say about the capitol of Pangasinan?

The capitol of Pangasinan is really majestic as it appears to be one of the temples found in Rome. It really deserves to be hailed as a popular destination here in our province. It can be compared to woman who is beautiful inside and out from its outer structure to its elegant offices. It can really be considered one of the most beautiful capitols here in the entire Philippines.

Difference between Limgas and other beauty contests.

Limgas is truly different from other beauty contests. It is more prestigious compared others because besides displaying the physical beauty, intelligence, and talent of Pangasinense women, it also targets to promote Tourism here in Pangasinan through these women. I can also say that the winners of the Limgas pageant are more knowledgeable not only on the answers to judges’s questions but of the entirety of Pangasinan.

Who is you’re A.) Governor of Pangasinan?  B.) the Vice Governor? C.) Congressman in your district?

  1. Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr.
  2. Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Z. Calimlim, Jr.
  3. Cong. Rosemarie “Baby” Arenas

Name three (3) tourist destinations in Pangasinan.

  1. The Hundred Islands National Park of Alaminos
  2. Bolinao Beach
  3. Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine

What is the number 1 tourist destination in Pangasinan?

The number 1 tourist destination in Pangasinan is the Hundred Islands.

These are just some few of the possible pageant interview questions and answers that might be asked.

Remember that pageant interview questions and answers for your casual interview will vary depending on the information you have provided to the committee. It would be a help to think before you write on your next pageant application form because this is your passport to join the top finalists and eventually to the crown. That makes the casual interview questions equally important just as the beauty pageant questions asked for the final interview.

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