Pros and Cons of Beauty Pageants

The pros and cons of beauty pageants might not be new to everybody. But If we are to ask pageant delegates, they will surely enumerate the pros and cons of beauty pageants

A beauty pageant is a competition for the candidates and a show for the director and the choreographers. Despite the difference, a candidate should have an equal exposure to the other ladies to give respect to the idea of equal footing on the judges.

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However, in any contests, there would be some who will be chosen as the finalists and in it, one will emerge as the grand winner. And the feeling of not making it to the finalists compared to the feeling of those who made up to the top 5 and eventually became winners is really quite different.

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I have been a mentor of a number of candidates, and I will admit it that some were not able to make it even in the semi-final round. Different reactions and different escape to show one’s heavy feeling are but common during the end of the pageant. Some cried. Some are quiet. Some wore pretentious smile. Some felt like it’s not yet over. Whatever their means of accepting the results, as a trainer or as a supporter, one should respect their feelings.

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It will take time to get over of losing a pageant depending on the sacrifices and efforts one has laid for the contest. Some stopped for a semester; others have made a lot of effort in trimming down their figure; many prepared well to answer pageant interview questions, and others have joined the pageant because of social pressures and most, because of the benefits of joining a beauty pageant like the prizes at stake, the career opportunities that may arise, and the popularity and exposure one may gain.

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Truly, it might have been a lost for that night and the following. But as time heals the wound of losing, you see the benefits of joining a beauty pageant. The friendship, the memories, the confidence, the self-esteem, the pride, the honor, and the lesson you have learned are immeasurable gains. And that is the reason why, you see the same ladies who join pageants because it is irresistible to decline another offer when one has a memory of it regardless of winning or losing the previous one.

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